Community Speakers


Living with arthritisArthritis & Osteoporosis WA provides speakers through its Community Speakers Program to any health professional body or community group seeking information about arthritis and osteoporosis.

There are many myths about arthritis – what arthritis is; what age arthritis affects people; diet and arthritis; exercise; medications and what is proven and unproven. There are many things a person with arthritis can do to successfully manage and cope with the pain and problems that arthritis often brings. Yet, with all the information and treatments around, it is often confusing and hard to know what to believe.

Trained volunteer speakers many of whom have arthritis or osteoporosis themselves can inform your group how to recognise the early warning signs of arthritis, as well as how to manage and remain active if you have either arthritis or osteoporosis.

Topics covered include:

  • An overview of arthritis
  • Self-management techniques to help people with arthritis cope better with day to day activities
  • Services and information available from Arthritis WA

Talks usually last between 30 minutes to 1 hour. Times and topics can be tailored for your group.

A donation of up to $50 to cover the volunteer’s expenses is requested from community groups if available. Health professionals are also available to talk to health professional bodies on a range of topics (fees apply). If you would like someone to come out and talk to your group, call Arthritis & Osteoporosis on 9388 2199 or email for details.