COVID-19: Resources


During these uncertain times, it is imperative that you can access reliable and trustworthy information and resources. We have complied a list of reputable websites so you can easily access information, resources and support services to help you during the coronavirus restrictions.

Resource Links:

The Australian Rheumatology Association: www.rheumatology.org.au

Healthdirect: www.healthdirect.gov.au

World Health Organisation: www.who.int

Department of Health: www.health.gov.au

Smart Traveller: www.smartraveller.gov.au

Carers Australia: www.carerswa.asn.au

Centrelink: www.humanservices.gov.au

Woolworth’s Priority Assistance: www.woolworths.com.au

Beyond Blue: www.beyondblue.org.au

NPS MedicineWise: www.nps.org.au

National Immunisation Program (flu vaccine):  www.health.gov.au


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