Teens Healthy Bones and Joints Program (Secondary School) – Thursdays 4:30pm, Shenton Park

Term 3: Mon 15 July – Fri 20 September (10 weeks)

Note: Teens Healthy Bones & Joints classes run from 25 July – 12 Sept. Registration fee is for 8 weeks.
Class Details:

For teens with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis and Connective Tissue Disorders, being active is very important, as it protects against pain, fatigue, stiffness and helps build capacity to join in with family, friends and at school.

Being active through puberty has a significant positive effect on bone density, reducing the risk of fracture or injury in later life,  however being active with a chronic bone or joint condition can be difficult. Worry that there will be more pain or an injury, tiredness, time constraints and not knowing what is safe to do can all be barriers to being active.

Arthritis & Osteoporosis WA have partnered with the endocrinology team at Perth Children’s Hospital and physiotherapists at Western Kids Health to create an 8-week group graded exercise program for teens with OI, JIA and Connective Tissue Disorders. This group is supervised by a senior physiotherapist with significant experience and training in these conditions, to ensure your teen has a program that’s right for them.

The program runs out of the Western Kids Health gym in Victoria House and is a mix of flexibility, strengthening, aerobic conditioning and balance exercises. The evidence shows it is safe to exercise, particularly under the guidance of an experienced paediatric physio and this class also enables teens to come together, support each other and share experiences.

To successfully complete registration, your teen must fulfill the below criteria:

–   Children aged 11 years or older (year 6 and up)
–   OI, JIA, CWPS, HSD, hEDS/cEDS diagnosis
–   Clearance to exercise as provided by GP or Specialist
–   ESSA Medical History form to be completed (contained within this online registration)

Venue: Western Kids Health, Level 1, Victoria House, 4 Thorburn Way, Shenton Park
Cost: Please see ticket details below to view term class fees.
Class Times: You may only attend the day and time allocated for this class (once per week) as indicated on the online booking confirmation email.

Registration Details:

– All registrations for this term period open at 12 noon on Wednesday, 19th June 2024.
– Online registrations will close at 4pm, one business day before the term start date for each class (e.g. online registrations for Thursday THBJ classes close 4pm Wed 24th July).
– If you are interested in joining after the registration closing date, please contact our staff to assist with your request.
– You may only attend the day and time allocated for this class.

To successfully complete registration, you must either:
– Answer ‘No’ to all 6 questions (numbered 1 – 6) OR
– Gain clearance from your GP/medical specialist PRIOR to participation in the exercise if you have answered ‘Yes’ to one or more of the questions numbered 1 – 6
– Agree to the *Terms & Conditions outlined below.

* Please note our Term-based Exercise Terms & Conditions have changed. Click here to read the changes

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