The Joint Movement (Arthritis Exercise) Hillarys

Class Time: Thursdays, 11am – 12pm

Dates: 23 January – 2 April, 11 weeks.

Venue: Whitfords Family Centre, 21 Endeavour Road Hillarys, WA 6025

Program Price: $85

Price Includes:
• One pre-exercise assessment ( 1st Class on Thursday 23 January 2020)
• 10 Land based exercise classes (one per week from Thursday 23 January – Thursday 2 April 2020)
• One post-exercise assessment (Last class on Thursday 2nd April)
• A report of your exercise progress following completion of the post exercise program assessment

Please Note: The Joint Movement® program is a once-off only opportunity per person, ie an individual may only complete this program once. Please read our terms and conditions below for full details.

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