Tai Chi for Arthritis Beginners - Monday 1.45pm - Mundaring

Event Date
29th Apr 2019 to 1st Jul 2019
1.45pm - 2.45pm
1 hour/week for 9 weeks (no class 3 June)
Registration Closing Date
24th Apr 2019
Venue Information

Mundaring Wellness Centre

16 Craig Street, Mundaring


9388 2199
Discounted Online Price $95.00 ea

Event Description

Tai Chi for Arthritis

Registration opens 9am on 25 March.  The movements of the Tai Chi for Arthritis program have been specifically designed to be safe for people with arthritis.  Beginners and those withe experience are welcome. 

Event Information

Created in 1977 by Dr Paul Lam with a team of tai chi and medical experts, the program involves 12 positions that are designed to be safe and beneficial for people with arthritis.  The slow graceful movements help to prevent injury, build muscle strength and calm the mind. 

Tai chi can be suitable for people with arthritis of any age and fitness level if:

  • the form of tai chi involves slow, gentle movements that are suitable for people with arthritis
  • you can work at your own level and pace during the class
  • you learn from a qualified instructor who:
    • understands arthritis
    • ensures the movements are safe for you and your ability
    • shows you how to change or adapt the movements if they are causing pain or discomfort.