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Use your Will, to help us remove pain and disablement from our lives…

Recently, we invited our readers to tell us how they managed their condition, their treatment and ability to live life. The response was wonderful; the letters were heart wrenching, emotional and painfully descriptive. We were told, bluntly, how arthritis was ruinous of any pleasurable, happy retirement.

One lady wrote in a shaky hand… “…I am just able to write these few words before my fingers go completely numb. I am now 94 years old and just about coping.”

An 88-year-old wrote… “knees need an operation, trouble with hands, hope I don’t have to wait long before the Lord takes me home … and there’s no more pain.”  

Pain was the recurring theme… “give me an hour free of pain, a day would be bliss and a night of sleep free of pain would be a step away from heaven.” And some wrote, wanting to give more, apologising because they could not.

But there is a way to help, one that doesn’t cost a cent in your lifetime.’ The answer is to leave a gift in your Will to help bring change to the work we do.

A gift in your Will, is called a bequest, or legacy. It is a gift you choose to make when you write your Will by making it known that portion of your estate shall be used to help advance our efforts to find the cause of arthritis and abate its worst effects.

You use words such as… I bequeath to the Arthritis Foundation of WA, Inc., the amount of (insert an amount or %) to be used as they see fit in our efforts to abate the worst effects caused by arthritis in its many forms.”

Gifts you leave in your Will are limited by the size of your estate. Be generous to your family first, be generous to your friends and favourite charities with what is left, and to Arthritis & Osteoporosis WA if you can.

If costs to write or alter an existing Will are a concern, ask about our ‘free Will writing service…”.  For more information call… 1800 011 041 and ask for Sue or Ashwini.

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