Section: About JIA

  • What is JIA?

    JIA can occur in young people, up to age 16. Discover the differences in arthritis between young people and adults, how common arthritis is in young people, and how it […]

  • What causes JIA?

    It is important to remember that JIA is not contagious. It is also not known for certain what the exact cause is. In JIA, the immune system is not working […]

  • Types of JIA

    In order to treat your JIA, your doctor needs to diagnose what type you have. Your doctor will decide this based on: • your symptoms and how long you have […]

  • Oligoarticular JIA

    Quick facts about oligoarticular-persistent JIA Oligoarticular-persistent arthritis affects more females than males. It affects four or fewer joints. There may also be inflammation in the eye, called uveitis. • Oligoarticular-persistent […]

  • Systemic JIA

    Systemic (say: sis-tem-ik) JIA (sJIA) is less common than other types of JIA. It affects only 10% to 15% of young people with JIA. However, it is often a more […]

  • Polyarticular JIA

    Polyarticular (say: pah-lee-ar-tik-yoo-lur) JIA is the second most common type of JIA. It affects five or more joints within the first six months of being diagnosed with JIA. There are […]