Section: Other types of care for JIA

  • Yoga poses for tension relief

    These yoga poses help to relieve tension. You can do them when you wake up to relieve morning stiffness, or throughout the day to relieve tension. ​Cat – Cow Position yourself […]

  • Yoga poses for muscle strengthening

    These strength building postures will help you develop stronger muscles while continuing to stretch stiff and sore muscles and joints. If the positions are too difficult, start by doing the […]

  • Yoga

    What is yoga? Yoga is an ancient system of postures, breathing, relaxation, and meditation practices. They allow you to explore and challenge your body, mind and spirit. It originated in […]

  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)

    TENS machines are often used as a treatment by physiotherapists. It is a non-invasive treatment that is used to reduce pain. TENS is thought to reduce pain by interrupting the […]

  • Surgical procedures and JIA

    In some cases, you may need surgery for their arthritis or arthritis-related condition. These surgeries include joint injections, joint replacement surgery, jaw surgery, cataract surgery, or glaucoma surgery. Joint injections […]

  • Psychological therapy and JIA

    JIA can affect your body. It can also affect your emotions or how you feel. You may experience a wide range of emotions during your teen years. This can happen […]