Fatigue may be a sign that you are having a JIA flare or the JIA is getting worse. To try to avoid flares, be sure to follow your treatment plan and don’t skip medications. JIA medications can help to prevent fatigue by controlling JIA.

Some young people have JIA that gets worse even when they are following their treatment plan perfectly. If JIA symptoms keep getting worse, your treatment plan may need to be adjusted.

Medications for other sleep problems

If you have trouble sleeping, you might be prescribed a medication to help you sleep. This type of medication can help you get over a bad spell of not sleeping well. However, it should not be used long-term. These drugs can lead to tolerance, where your body needs more of the medication for it to work properly. You can also become dependent on the medication, and it will be hard to stop taking it.

There are other sleep medications that are available “over-the-counter.” This means they are available without a prescription. Melatonin is one example. Before using these medications, it is important to discuss their use with your doctor.


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