AOWA provides support to children living with JIA through the delivery of Paediatric Physiotherapist led hydrotherapy classes. Classes run weekly and by the term. They are designed to provide a tailored exercise program and a fun and supportive environment to engage with peers who live with rheumatic conditions.

Classes are suitable for beginners and experienced participants; participants must be competent swimmers. Benefits include increased muscle strength, improved joint range of movement, and improved coordination, balance, and agility. Water exercise has been scientifically proven to enhance wellbeing.

The JIA Hydrotherapy Program is available to participants between the ages of 7 and 17 years who are competent swimmers and can enter and exit the pool unaided. All sessions within this program are delivered by experienced Paediatric Physiotherapists from Western Kids Health.

For more information, please contact our Exercise Services Staff via exercise@arthritiswa.org.au

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