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Use your Will to turn dreams into reality

If you've been generous to charity in life, think about continuing your generosity beyond and help turn dreams into reality. It's called to leave a bequest.......

When you leave a bequest to charity in your Will, you are helping the charity to continue its good work well into a future we will never see. Leaving a bequest costs you nothing in your lifetime but may one day cure arthritis, or whatever is your dream.

It's about using your Will to help turn dreams into reality.

If you would like some help, allow us to send you a copy of our Personal Record Book which reminds you to list the name of your solicitor, accountant, your bank, who holds your Will and so much more. Copies are free in the interest of helping you organise your affairs.

To receive your FREE copy of the Personal Affairs Record Book, click here

Alternatively, you can call us on (08) 9388 2199.

living well with arthritis tdving well with arthritis
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