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Hydrotherapy Terms and Conditions

  1. These terms and conditions apply to hydrotherapy exercise programs where the schedule is aligned to 8-week blocks run continuously across the year.
  2. An 8-week hydrotherapy block registration will reserve your place for you to attend 8 pool sessions (one per week) for your registered day and time.
  3. The 8-week hydrotherapy block expires 8 weeks after your registered period begins. This period refers to the dates outlined in your registration form.
  4. Prior to each 8-week block, participants who were registered for the previous block will have priority access to register for the same day and time. This priority access period lasts for 2 weeks (typically weeks 6 and 7 of the current block). This does not apply to persons who have attended via casual bookings in the current block.
  5. After the priority access period, registrations are open to all persons who wish to book in for the next block.
  6. Participants may pay for 1, 5 or 8 casual session packages. Bookings for casual sessions will be available from week 1 of each new hydrotherapy block. Casual session packages must be used within the same block.
  7. Participants may cancel and reschedule a single session providing they have provided at least 2 hours’ notice in advance via telephone or in person. Participants must book a make-up session at the time they make the cancellation.
  8. Participants are not eligible for a make-up session if they provide less than 48 hours’ notice.
  9. Make-up sessions must be used within 2 months of the original session and can be booked for any sessions that have not reached capacity limits.
  10. Make-up sessions cannot be used towards, or as part of, a booking for a new 8-week block or casual package.
  11. AOWA has a strict no refund If participants believe they have extreme, extenuating circumstances they must provide details in writing to exercise@arthritiswa.org.au for review. AOWA will endeavour to respond in 5 working days.
  12. Short-term medical reasons, illness, conflicting commitments are NOT considered extreme, extenuating circumstances and no refund will be granted.
  13. Where sessions are subject to a cancellation by AOWA, participants may obtain a refund for that session or book a make-up session by contacting AOWA.
  14. All participants registering for an 8-week Hydrotherapy Block or casual session/s will be required to answer 6 short health-related questions.  Completion of these questions is mandatory for every registration period.
  15. AOWA reserves the right to refuse entry or access to the pool at discretion.
  16. Participants must be able to enter the hydrotherapy pool without assistance. If assistance is required to access or exercise in the hydrotherapy pool, assistance must be provided by a carer or similar party. No crutches are permitted in the pool area and changerooms.
  17. Participants must abide by safety rules, instructions and COVID protocols at all times.
  18. By agreeing to these Terms & Conditions, participants give AOWA permission to make contact to advise of class cancellations, changes or other transactions relating to the participation in these programs.

By registering for this exercise program, I, the undersigned, agree to the AOWA terms and conditions. I understand and agree to consult my physician before commencing any form of exercise program including the arthritis exercise program. I agree that Arthritis & Osteoporosis WA, its employees and agents and the instructor, accept no liability (including in respect of the breach of any statutory duty or provision and also in respect to negligence) to any person for any accident or personal injury which might occur in relation to participating in the exercise program offered by Arthritis & Osteoporosis WA. I release and indemnify and agree to keep indemnified from and in respect to any claims of any nature (including damages, costs, expenses, legal costs) against Arthritis & Osteoporosis WA, its employs and agents and the instructor arising directly or indirectly out of the acts or omissions of Arthritis & Osteoporosis WA and/or its employess and/or agents and/or the instructor and release covenant not to sue Arthritis & Osteoporosis WA and its employees and agents and the instructor in respect of any such claims against Arthritis & Osteoporosis WA and/or its employees and/or agents and/or instructor.


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