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Plus Life (formerly Perth Bone & Tissue Bank Inc)


Perth Bone and Tissue Bank is a non profit organisation that is responsible for the collection, screening, storage and distribution of donated human bone and tissue grafts for transplant purposes.

When undergoing hip replacement surgery, there is an opportunity to donate the piece of bone (femoral head), the Orthopaedic Surgeon must remove in order to fit the new hip prosthesis. This bone is routinely discarded but with a patient’s permission, it may be donated to the Bone Bank and used for transplant purposes. Surgery requiring bone graft is common and the demand for graft material continues to grow. It is frequently used for adolescents undergoing spinal surgery, joint revision, bone tumours and in the repair of bone defects. Femoral head donation does not in any way alter how surgery is performed but is completely voluntary. There is no age limit and no cost incurred by the patient.

For further information regarding donation, please contact our dedicated Donor Liaison staff on freecall number: 1800 801 997 or alternatively visit the website

Fibromyalgia Support Network


The Fibromyalgia support Network of Western Australia Inc provides support to people who have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.The main aim of the Fibromyalgia Support Network is to provide information and support for Fibromyalgia patients, to encourage self- management of their symptoms and to increase public awareness and understanding of this condition.


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