Open Pool Session Shenton Park – Tuesdays 12:00pm

8-Week Hydro Block Period: 8 May – 30 June

Registration Details:

– This registration entitles you to attend 1 aqua session per week (with the exception of this session occurring on a public holiday).
– You may only attend the day and time allocated for this session. If you wish to attend more than one session per week, you will need to register for additional sessions throughout the week.
– Open pool attendees perform independent exercise (without instruction), under the supervision of a lifeguard.

To successfully complete registration, you must either:
– Answer ‘No’ to all 6 questions (numbered 1 – 6) OR
– Gain clearance from your GP/medical specialist PRIOR to participation in exercise if you have answered ‘Yes’ to one or more of the questions numbered 1 – 6
– Agree to the Terms & Conditions outlined below.

Venue: Hydrotherapy Pool, Wyllie Arthritis Centre, 17 Lemnos Street, Shenton Park.
Costs: Please see ticket details below to view session fees.
Class Times: You may only attend the day and time allocated for this session (once per week)

Terms & Conditions for 8-Week Hydrotherapy Pool Passes:

– The 8-Week Hydrotherapy Block registration will reserve your place for you to attend 8 warm water sessions (one per week) for your registered day and time. Participants who wish to access additional sessions are encouraged to do so (where sessions are available), however additional fees will apply.
– The 8-Week Hydrotherapy Block expires 8 weeks after your registered period begins. This period refers to the dates outlined in your registration form.
– All participants registering for the 8-Week Hydrotherapy Block will be required to answer 6 short health related questions.  These questions are part of a validated screening test which will help to ensure that participants can safely engage in their exercise.

AOWA has the following COVID-19 safety measures in place
All pool users and staff are required to:
– Maintain physical distancing at all times keeping 1.5 metres from others.
– Sanitise hands on entry and practice good hygiene.
– Arrive up to 5 minutes before the session starts and wait outside in the pool foyer (physically distanced) until staff give clearance to enter the pool area.
– Exit the pool area promptly (within 5 minutes of the end time) so staff can perform cleaning between sessions.
– Stay away from AOWA premises if you are feeling unwell.

Absences & Replacement Classes
– If you are unable to attend a session due to unforeseen medical reasons or illness, a replacement class may be arranged during the current 8-week period only (subject to availability).
– For any other reason medically unrelated, participants will not be entitled to a replacement session.
– If eligible for a replacement session, you must contact AOWA to discuss available times for booking.
– You must contact AOWA to check availability at least 24 hours prior to attending a replacement session.

Cancellation Policy
– Please consider your session booking carefully before you enrol, as we do not offer refunds.
– The only exception for an eligible refund is due to unforeseen medical reasons or illness which prevents participation for a period greater than 3 consecutive weeks.
– All cancellation requests must be submitted through a cancellation form, which will be assessed by the Exercise Services Coordinator.

Cancellations by AOWA
– We reserve the right to cancel an exercise class/session due to unforeseen circumstances. If applicable, a replacement will be offered to participants of the cancelled class/session.